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Trip L tomato / Italian tree tomato

Was just given one of these,quite large, in a 5" type pot. Placed it into the garden.

Has anyone ever grown one of these?

Did a check on google, the thing looks like it could turn into a tree, Guess wrong area for ever bearing fruit, :lol: :lol:

Any guesses on what I can expect..

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Greetings, RE: Tree Tomato, sounds like fun. I think in your ,Zone 4b, you would have to grow that in a heated greenhouse.
I understood they are hardy to zone 9 and cold tender. I couldn't grow one, and over winter it that is, here in zone 6. If you and I could grow these we could have Avocado trees also. If you're interested in knowing more about them, I'm guessing someone on the forum has them and can give you a run down on their care and treatment. Have a great day.


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I have grown trip l crop before a few times. The plant can get large under the right conditions. A good producer of average size fruit on the average to below on the taste side but a good producer. A good tomato grows well

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I discovered a listing for seeds for the Triple L Crop "tree" tomato seeds and my interest was piqued. I found other listings for so called tree tomato seeds as well and the photos didn't match up so I went in search of more information. What I saw labeled as Italian Tree Tomato seeds were actually a Tomatillo variety and so was out of my radar as soon as I saw Tomatillo in the information I found online. I was able to verify that the Triple L Crop is a tomato variety and so went in search of more information. So here I am tagging along on your thread :D Haven't been in on the forum in a while so I thought I would piggy back and see if anyone else has any further information to add to what they think of this variety of tomato. Hope you don't mind ;)

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