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Too many choices...

I got an immersion blender for Christmas and want to be able to make some tasty tomato soup this summer. Does anyone have a recommendation for the type or types of tomatoes that produce the best soup?

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Cows Tit, Gilbertie, Opalka, and or any heart or strawberry shaped tomato. I'm all done with Roma's.

My first three are pastes, the rest are a bulkier tomato with enough taste to eat fresh and meaty enough to want to cook with.

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I agree with Tom hearts are the way to go. They are like Romas being meaty with few seeds but much larger fruit than roma variety's for the most part.

As far as specific variety's that is a hard one and best found out on your own there are so many. Not to mention all the ones I would suggest you won't be able to find anywhere. I am more fond of Pinks than Reds in this category I find them a bit better, more sweet and well just more to "MY" liking. YMMV

But basically you want a good, big, meaty sweet tomato. Something that produces a lot of fruit or at least a nominal amount of huge fruit.

If you like I can send you a few good tomatoes than you can try. Just PM me here.


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what is a good variety of hearts or plums (or Romas) for someone that likes a variety of colors and tastes? I haven't grown more than some Burpee Romas which were okay, and some random mystery oxhearts of various colors, which were better. I also had some San Marzano this year (I got in a trade with another local gardener). But I really am getting into various color's and shapes tastes, so would appreciate a smallish list with a good variety of tastes, but still good for cooking. I would like to hear about good dark ones and also good yellows, pinks and reds.

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I lightly stewed a mix of varieties this year and used them in soups and sauces. They were so sweet and had so much flavor compared to canned tomatoes! I don't think that the varieties really matter that much. However, paste tomatoes do have far fewer seeds and more dense tomato flesh so probably give more bang for the effort. I always grow Italian or paste types for drying and will freeze some as well this year.

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