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has anyone grown hamns gelbe ?

I have some seeds and I put them in the seed starter today so that I could get a head start on the growing season and I was just wondering if any of you have grown them before and any tips I should know ?

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If growing OP tomato is new to you, Rummage around for the recessive tomato-leaf shapes.

Often "potato-leaf" or lanceolate-leaf turn up. They are indeed tomato babies. No triffids snuck in and planted their vampire children in your tomatoes stead.

There are something more than 2000 tomato cultivars offered by seed houses, and something like 10,--12,000 cultivars are possible. Even Carolyn Male hasn't lived long enough to grow them all.

Enjoy your (new to you) tomato.

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I have only grown heirloom tomatoes the last couple years. Before that I only grew standard hybrids. But I'm thinking as far as care and how to grow them, a tomato is pretty much a tomato and there's not (much?) difference in how they are cultivated.

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I just got seeds for Hahms Gelbe Topftomate in trade so I can't offer any insights, but if this is the same variety as yours, maybe we can compare notes later in the season. :D

I'm going to tentatively put it on my list for this year's Winter Indoor Tomato Trial and grow it in containers in a relatively shady (I.e. less sun than ideal) spot this growing season. 8)

Here's an excerpt from Tatiana's tomato base:
"(Tatiana's) Very early, 50-60 days, det., 6" tall cute mini-dwarf plants with rugose regular foliage, high yield of yellow cherry fruit for such a small plant, very good mild flavor, great for growing under lights in winter."

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