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911 for hibiscus! Transplanted wrong, severe shock

ok, so a friend called and offered some "free plants" she was digging up from the garden of her new house. Some beautiful 4' blue hibiscus. The problem is she ripped them out by the roots, no root balls, they were laying in the driveway in the southern Calif sun all afternoon, and already wilting when we got them.

We put them in the truck got some good compost and hibiscus food and got thim into the ground within 2 hours of then, and threw a lot of water at them, but they are badly wilted today.

Should we cut back the wilting leaves so the plant can focus on recovering at the base? Is there any way to save these from severe shock?

help the little flowers survive!

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What a tale of unintended abuse !! I would cut them down by half and simply keep them moist at the root hoping that it will recover and establish. Look for new growth from the remaining length of stems - be patient. Good luck.

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