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Our Rose

Our rose is a Mirandy. We bought it from K-mart and potted it. It stays outside on our patio. We've only had it for a couple of months. It produced about ten or twelve blossoms and stopped blooming. Many of the leaves have half-moon shaped notches in them. We sprinkled the bush with cayenne pepper but the next day, the sprinklers came on and washed the pepper off the leaves into the soil. We haven't done this again yet, however. There are new leaves that haven't been chewed on. Do you think the cayenne worked? Should we do anything else?.


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Hi John. :D

Not sure if you get them there but it could be leaf cutter bees....


johnsl wrote:Our rose is a Mirandy. ... Do you think the cayenne worked? Should we do anything else?.

No. Well maybe ...
(1) Neem oil based spray tends to keep the chewers away. It also is a fungicide and miticide. IOW, good for any rose.
(2) Do not water the leaves. Water the soil. If the sprinklers are hitting the rose, move it or adjust the spray so that the leaves do not get wet.
Wet leaves => black spot => defoliation => death.
There are other fungi that love wet rose family leaves but ithink black spot is the worst since if not immediately controlled it will spread to all the leaves.
(3) Any application to leaves is temporary and has to be reapplied unless the product has systemic action which can be absorbed through the leaves. Even those require re-application, just not as frequently.

Once a week application should be enuf as long as y'all get the sprinklers fixed or plant moved. Be sure to reapply after a rain ... (or the sprinkler spray...).

Have Fun!

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