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Healthy Rose no blooms

We have had a rose bush for several years(10), it always had beautiful blooms and was a very hardy rose. We moved to Florida 7 years ago and brought this and several more roses with us. All roses had been doing great, then this one almost died. It came back and started growing again 3 years ago. But it now has thin branches and no blooms for 3 years. It is a nice green and plenty of growth. We fertilize it along with our other roses. What could be the problem with no blooms?

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Hello DonFL,

A rose can have many reasons for not having blooms. It can be location(not enough sunlight), the graft plant took over the dead stock that is now growing, high nitrogen fertilizer( leafy but less blooms) and etc.

I suggest you have a look at the graft part of the plant. Check of the sterms are now growing above or below the graft. If it is growing from below, the stocker has took over.


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