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Help with this crazy rose bush please

Just got this yellow rose bush tree for free! ($25.00 value) They said it was dead, but you can see green stems on it. I have it in miracle grow potting soil and I fed it some miracle grow rose food. Its in the amount of sun it needs. As you can see my rose bush next to it is just fine.
My question is, do I need to cut all this dead limb off to the green limb or just leave it the way it is?



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Cut it back to slight into the green area and seal the cut with some Elmer's glue to keep out borers and other insects.

Please don't use Miracle Grow. Rosetone is a much better alternative as a rose food, if you don't have access to compost.

Don't get excited it if doesn't 'JUMP' after you trim it. It should start to throw new leaves to get itself going. You got a good deal! Do happen to know the name of it?

Good luck, you'll find 1 will not be enough..........LOL

I'd rather be gardening!

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