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Over Eager?

I have planted (4) hardy rose bushes: May 11/08
Hansa (only has grown 2") since and no buds
Morden Blush - don't think it has actually grown? but it looks healthy
Morden Sunshine - grown 1" and has (2) buds - very first bud!
Blanc de Coubert - Not growing either

Fed them a week ago, only to read on here that I wasn't suppose feed them until they had a bud. Found out It had an aphid infestation a week after inplantation and now that is resolved ( I thought it was red ants- but the ants were eating the aphids -bad circle!) Resolved now. They get 6hrs of sun..maybe not so much lately lots of rain. In zone 3A.

Any advice other then patience? :?

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