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Ok this mr. lincon is 3 years old. We moved and it was transplanted into this bucket 1 year ago. Ever since I pruned it 2 years ago it does this! There is alot of old dead large stems towards the bottom and the only growth is off of the very top as you can see. Can I burry this thing in the soil another 5 inches to get it to thicken up?I'm scared to cut it down low and causing it to die.[img][/img]

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There's nothing wrong with your rose bush. That's what happens as they mature. The cane on the base will get thicker with time, it's providing support for the upper structure.

DO NOT bury it deeper, you will probably kill it. The bud graft on the bottom needs to be open to the sunlight.

It's good looking plant and going strong for such a young one.

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