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Roses bushes almost bare

My rose bushes bloomed beautifully in February and the roses were even bigger then ever. Now they barely bloom at all and all the leaves are gone. Most are climbing so all you see is stems there are a few leaves at the top with a few pathetic looking blooms. I do live in the DFW area so the rain has been few and far between and the days have been extremely hot and humid but we keep the yard watered and the grass is very green. Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong?
Thanks, TSKB

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Were there any signs of distress before this - yellow, or browning leaves, etc. Have you been adding nutrients to the soil around your roses as well as water?
If there is no sign of disease or pests, I would suspect a lack of nutrients.
Roses are extremely heavy feeders and need more than just soil and water to perform at their best.
They need large amounts of nitrogen for their leaves, phosphates for the growth of their roots and stems, and potosh for blooming and disease resistance. They also need other nutrients in lesser amounts - calcium, magnesium, iron, boron and manganese.
Giving your roses a regular routine of nutrients should bring them back.
Try building your soil up with compost, kelp, manure, alfalfa, fish fertilizer, epsom salts, and even a good fertilizer is you are so inclined. I also add all my banana peels and ground egg shells.
Hope this helps. :wink:
VAL (Grandpa's Rose)

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Gramps is right; you have such rough soil in that neck of the woods that soil depletion doesn't apply (it has to be there in the first place to deplete! :( ) The more you can do to add friability and water retention to your soil the better (and in the interim water those puppies but good; roses are VERY thirsty plants). As for the fertilizer I like Rose-Tone; organic and made for them...


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