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My Mini Roses were doing great but...

Okay, this problem has totally baffeled me to no end and I really need some help! I took an interest in Mini Roses a little earlier this year and when I ordered a couple, I grew them inside, with a Deep Well Culture system Hydroponically. I noticed they grew and produced flowers fast and I was amazed at how fast they were coming! Well, since the temp has gotten pretty hot here in Alabama, and I run in and out of the house all day, I usually keep the air conditioning off until the evening and I know I will not be going back out. My mini roses have since dropped all of its leaves, buds, and flowers and look like a bunch of healthy sticks. Why? Another question I have is that I have repotted some of them and started sitting them outside but there has been no real change. What happened and why?

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Re: My Mini Roses were doing great but...

Big change in temperature from warm to cold when you turn on the aircon? Sory I don't really know but some plants do work based on temperature changes as well as actual temperature.

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