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Reviving an Old rose

I'm looking for some experienced imput..
I recently moved and while cutting the lawn one day found a very old rugosa rose. It has started to bloom and I'm suspecting it's a Hansa. It has been neglected for years, has many dead canes, at least half if not more. I plan to give it a hard pruning after it is done blooming. But I'd also like to establish it in another location where we can enjoy it more. It doesn't appear to have sent out any suckers for some time as all of the canes appear very mature. What's the best way to try and propagate a new one in another location? I thought I'd try and breakoff a large piece with as much roots as possible and nuture it through the summer. I know these roses are extremely hardy. Any other suggestions on how to best set it up in a different location. It is far too large to move all of it.

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Re: Reviving an Old rose

Don't break off a piece, that invites disease to come through the wound. Instead, take a clean and non-rusty pair of shears and cut a piece that has a slanted edge to it. You can put root hormone on it if desired.

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Re: Reviving an Old rose

You can take cuttings after the bloom has faded. Cutting should be taken with a clean sharp pruner about 4-6 inches long. Dip in rooting hormone and put it in either moist potting soil or perlite. Cover it with a bag and put it in the shade. It is best to use fresh cuttings so I usually take the pot and hormone out with me when I collect the cuttings. Some people have had luck water rooting roses.

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Re: Reviving an Old rose

I also have an old rose in my back yard that I am trying propagate.
I have no idea what it is.
It does grow on last years growth and just once a year.
My late wife got it from her father and I don't remember anything about it but that is an old rose.

The rose in the back yard appears to not like to be messed with.
Water is all I do.
Too much attention and it starts dying.
This rose does appear to like full sun.

I put my clipping in a pot with compost and some dirt.

When I cover it with a glass jar it died and I had to start over several times

I finally put mine in direct sun and keep it watered well.
Mine appears to do better if I just leave it alone.

I will give it some Miracle-Gro once in a while.

Hope this helps.

BTW- rooting hormone does not seems to be needed.
I used it once and the plant is growing, I didn't use it several time and the plant still grew.

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