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Please help me know what is on my rose bush leaves please

:( I have rose bushes who leaves have started having white spots grow with the new leaves. I've ready up on white mold etc. and it's not slimy and I've never seen white mold growing on them. I have seen a few green small catipiilars (sp) can that be causing this? I just sprayed with a soapy organic insecticide... Please help. Here's a picture to show you what I'm describing... Thanks in advance. This rose is planted by itself no other rose bush near it. Purple cone flowers just now starting to grow (green leaf foundation no stalks) and gerber daisies and ground coverage ajuau's. Please forgive any misspelling it's not my strong point lol

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The caterpillars could be causing that kind of damage. Rose and Pear Slugs ( not really a slug..) can chew though the top or bottom layer of the leaf. I can't zoom in on your pic without pixelation, so I can't tell if the whiteish spots have rough edges or not. If you think that's the problem, then try some BT on them.

If noooooooot...
Then I think it's rose mosaic virus, maybe from dirty nippers, or from those darling little caterpillars, but some say it only comes from infected rootstock, or if your plant was a cutting from an infected plant. It looks ugly, but it usually doesn't kill the bush. It may stunt them though, decrease the flower size, or decrease the amount of flowers.

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