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Re: May Day roses

So beautiful! :) roses are really rewarding flowers to grow. My neighbors have a yellow rose bush and I just can't resist stopping by and smelling the beauty!

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Beautiful. I especially like the fragrance of old English roses.

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Ha, nice rhyming and roses. The yellow flowers look outstanding.

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:lol: I was thinking HOW did I miss this thread and the gorgeous roses two days ago? ...then remembered and realized -- I saw the thread title when I was really not supposed to be browsing the forum but should be on my way, and thought it said "MAYDAY" as in "help" and did not look because If it's a rose trouble Marlingardener needed help on, it would be beyond my capabilities. :oops:

Thank you for sharing your beautiful roses with us. :D

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Beautiful! Love the yellows! Bet the smell terrific!

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