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Aloha tea/climber hybrid.

This rose is an Aloha, climbing tea hybrid.
Was semi controllable last year. Was advised by owner, my mother who watches WAY to much H&G T.V., to cut back last fall.
This spring was coming along well, normal growth. Then middle summer began loosing one of the cain, center, that went, yellow, then brown, shed all foliage. Thought disease. the rest of the bush/tree seemed healthy and vibrant.
Now the cain
on the left, pictured is doing the same thing. It is rapid, two weeks and I am going to loose another thick well established cain of 8 years.
Why only yellow in one cain?
And also what is going on with the isolated 'redding' tips of the leaves on the right side? (pic below)
Thanks in advance. Am going to webucate myself in reading and posting elsewhere as well. Just came here first, cause everyone seems like a human who does NOT want to sell me junk.
Rose has been very healthy for 9 years and grew at a steady rate. Used to put out blooms in surges like a dickens.
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I don't know what's wrong with your rose, but the lawn surrounding it caught my attention. I wonder if it could be affecting the plant. Your rose plant is supposed to be a disease resistant variety. Is is getting too much water perhaps? Lawn chemicals perhaps? Just some things to consider. For the most part, I don't plant my plants in lawn like that.

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