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What's Eating My Rose's Leaves

Hey Everyone,
I've been working on saving a rose I discovered as I mentioned in a previous post. ... =7&t=65013

It's starting to make a comeback but as the leaves started to develop, something has started munching on them at night. At first I thought it was the nocturnal adventures of earwigs since it would happen at night, but when I placed some traps out all I caught were a few Roly Poly bugs.

I was wondering if anyone had any insight into what could be eating my little guy's leaves and how to possibly stop it.

Some notes: I'm in Zones 4/5 in Toronto, Canada.

Here's an image:

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Re: What's Eating My Rose's Leaves

Beetles and snails will putholes in the leaves but both would munch on more than one leaf. If you think it is getting nibbled on at night you can go out with a flashlight a couple of hours after sunset. Look for slugs, snails and slime trails. If there are any beetles they usually feed for about four hours or so after dusk. You would see them in the air or on the plants. Roly poly are related to shrimp and they eat mostly decaying matter in the soil. They usually don't climb up on plants.

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