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I planted my roses about a month ago and I just noticed that this cane is turning brown. Is this disease? What should I do?

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Hello, Anna0220. I am not sure which one cane you were inquiring about but here are my comments: (1) the one on the top looks like it has some browning reflective either of old age (they turn from green to brown when "old") or from damage when the branch moves against another branch and is cut by the thorns of the other branches (the damaged sections under repair will then turn brown but that is ok); (2) on the bottom left, that cane looks fine; (3) on the bottom right, the cane and its color are unclear so it is hard to tell. It may also be getting old too if browning out but sometimes the bottom color seems to be a purplish color associated with canker, a fungal disease that the canes get usually in winter or earlier in the Fall. The infected cane then turns a dark brown to purple/black all the way up and up. It must be cut about 1-inch from where the discoloration starts or ends. If the color is not purpleish but brownish when YOU look at it then the cane is fine, just getting old and changing color to brown.

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