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Please help identify roses for a newbie

Hello! I am a newbie to both the boards and gardening. I moved into this home recently, and we have two rosebushes that I am trying to learn - however - knowing what types of roses they are would be very helpful! It seems they have experienced some neglect, and I would love to give them just what they need to get back on track. :)

The larger bush is actually 3 bushes that have grown together. They have both light and dark pink blooms, and the shrubs stand around 5' tall. I pruned this one lightly just as the buds were forming this spring, and it seems to have done quite nicely as a result - though it certainly needs more loving to maximize it's potential!


The other one has a gorgeous bloom with a very large rose, but I don't know if it is salvageable :cry: - it is in pretty rough shape with a lot of old wood. It looks more like the type of rose you would get cuttings from vs. a shrub - and at it's highest is about 4.5' tall. I haven't touched this one, as to be quite honest, I hadn't cleaned up this side bed yet and just discovered it a couple of weeks ago - I was afraid I may have missed my chance this season (or ever)?


Thank you all SO much for your help!

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Re: Please help identify roses for a newbie

You didn't get a response, because identifying roses is very difficult; there are thousands of varieties.

This may help if you want to try to track them down:


It's a searchable database of rose varieties. You can enter in to it all the characteristics that you know (type of rose, color, plant size and shape, whether it is fragrant, etc) and it will give you a list of rose varieties that meet those criteria with links to pictures and info about each one.

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