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Roses Have Worms

The roses I planted last summer made it through our nasty winter, but I did not think they would. After cutting back the dead branches I had three nubs sticking out of the ground in early April. But they thrived and in a short time they have grown to be bigger than when I bought them. So I am doing g something right :-()

Now I noticed some of the buds have been eaten by green worms :cry: I have cut of these locations as they were sticky and covered in black eggs and web like material.

Would hot pepper spray be safe to use on my roses to keep these worms away? I'm a rose plant noob and I don't want to kill them. Lol

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Hi, Just read you post. I was going to suggest ortho, but pepper sounds good to me. Try in on a bud or in a small area, it should work almost immediately. Then decide if that's what will work. let us know how it does.


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