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How to propagate a tea rose from cuttings

I would like to propagate my tea rose from cuttings. I have been able to successfully root ramblers, landscape, and green roses, but I don't have the same luck with teas. What type of cutting should I take and when is the best time to take cuttings.

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I was inspired by this post; ... =7&t=38391

Aren't tea roses generally grafted? I visited a rose farm on Monday and they showed us how they graft the roses. It was so cool.

I have taken cuttings of my favourite miniature and think they might do ok because because the lady at the rose farm said they don't graft miniatures.

I can say though that I am experiencing problems with dbang10's method above; the powder just washes off the stems when I put them in water and I think they are going to rot. I will pick up some coir and perlite tomorrow and redo them on the side of a clear container as suggested by dbang10 but with the bag that the op posted. I do have a clear dustbin though and it's broken so I thought I'd maybe use that for a tent. (I just have to buy another one for the bin)

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