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Are these English Roses not sure

My neighbor has these in his side yard. He says they are English Roses.

[img][/img] How well do they survive winters.. ?... I like it.. need to check out where to get one.

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Hello Dom,

Unfortunately, the photo you have taken is not close enough for us to be sure if it is an English rose.

English roses have a few distinguish characteristics, perhaps you can identify them. Most English roses have fragrances. They have longer resting phrase, about 10 weeks to rebloom again if it is not an 1 time bloomer species. Less skeptical to diseases and lower demand of fertilizer to do well. Very double and most often heavy.

The best way to identitfy the species of the rose, is to ask permission of the owner of the rose to have a cutting of single rose. Bring the fresh cut as quickly as possible to a reputatable rose farm or rose seller (not florist) to enquire. From it's fragrance, shape and weight it is not difficult to identify it's name.

Hope it helps.


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Have you got a close up pic of one of the roses?

I was going to show you mine but there dosnt seem to be a place to upload pics.

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Bluemoon. If you go to the forum index scroll down to where it says
"How to Get the Most from the Helpful Gardener Forum" In there is a section about posting pics on here.

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