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Mothers Day Roses: Bottom Leaves are Turning Yellow!

I'm new to growing roses. My daughter bought me a rose bush for Mothers Day and my husband planted it last week when I was out of town. He said he followed the instructions on the plant when he put it in the ground.

It's been in the ground a week now and the bottom leaves are beginning to turn yellow. It seems to have started on the very bottom leaves and is progressing upwards.

What are we doing wrong? Too much water? Not enough? And how much IS enough? Should I be fertilizing it or will that just stress it out more? Should he have amended the soil with manure? (read that somewhere this morning)

HELP ! It would break my heart to lose this plant !

Thanks !


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Hi Echo -

I'm not the rose expert, but the leaves that are turning yellow - do they have black spots? The way I understand how black spot is caused, it;s a fungal issue that comes from the ground or from the leaves being wet for extended periods of time (which is why I remind my hubby NOT to overhead water my roses in the evening). Remove these leaves to keep it from spreading, throw them away. There are some natural methods of controlling black spot on this forum, or you can purchase a can of spray from a big box store. The natural methods here are pretty easy, and you likely have everything to make it in your kitchen already.

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