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Care while treating for (red) scale on climbing roses

I live in an aprtment in South Carolina. Recently a lemon tree was introduced to my patio which unbeknownst to anyone had red scale. It spread very fast to my roses and within a week (yesterday) I was in tears. I bought some stuff that was good on all the plants and safe for edible products , pruned the rose bush back about 3 feet to ensure the most affected leaves were gone (and disposed of them in an incinerator) and sprayed the lemon tree rose bush and a small tomato plant that was showing signs of contamination. I did this about 3 am as to give it plenty of time to dry and minimize leaf burn, then went to bed and prayed . A couple hours ago I finally got up enough nerve to go outside and see what happened. The product definitely worked, and the lemon tree and tomato look like they will recover with little or no extra effort. My roses however, look pretty pathetic. New growth has been stunted, and it was starting to bloom early but I cut all buds/blooms off before treatment as I knew the oil treatment I used would kill them anyway ( why cause even more stress to my rose) The bush is about 7 years old and well established, I highly doubt anything would kill it permanently, my question for anyone who can help is WHAT DO I DO NOW? I had been fertilizing it with spikes every 8 weeks, its due for a treatment but I'm scared to do something stupid. Id really like it to recover and be able to bloom atleast minimally this year (our season is long. they usually bloom into november) Should I fertilize it as scheduled, or should I leave it alone a few more days ...weeks... whatever. The scale spread very fast and the bush, although still green and showing signs of life, is definitly going to have a rough recovery. ANY suggestions hints help will be appreciated greatly!

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