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Help with rose branch broken off

I have a small rose tree that had a limb broken by a storm the other night. I want to know if I can save this limb. I have it in water right now. It still has several blooms on it and looks really healthy. Please help!

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If it's a broken-off piece I would trim (at an angle) the bottom of the stem all nice and neat. I might also gently peel back about 2" of bark, and set it in a pot of potting soil, put in a little miracle gro (not much yet) and hope it takes.

Someone else may know more - like what to do with the blooms as I have a feeling they should be removed so the stem focuses more energy on putting out root growth than producing flowers.

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Roses are notoriously bad rooters; might work if you have second year wood and dip it in rooting hormone (hold the fertilizer, Grey. No roots means no use for that stuff). I wouldn't hold out big hopes for this...


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