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What roses to get?

Hi - I'm new here and sort of new to gardening....

I just had the bad luck of having 4 roses destroyed by a clumsy carpenter... this however is also an opportunity, because he has agreed to replace them ... so what to get?

These are the criterias...

- They must be able to live in big pots.
- They must be highly fragrant.
- They must be winter hardy as I live in Denmark.
- I like deep red, purple colors ... but not a must ...

What do you recommend ???

Regards Foodieboy

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Well you could try checking

it's a searchable database of roses.

I put in criteria dark red rose, quite fragrant or better on their classification scale, and hardy to US zone 3 as just a guess on your winter hardiness and it returned one rose:

the waskasoo


however, the obvious drawback of that is that who knows whether you would ever be able to find that rose in Denmark? Seems like you would be better off to go to the best rose growers you can find and talk to them about what they have that would meet your criteria.

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