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Yellow Leaves & Black Spots on Roses - Can be fixed?

I bought about 4 days or so ago two lovely rose plants. I've had to neglect them because we had basement flooding and foundation issues. Heavy rains and flooding came through WI.

I went outside to cut the grass and do a little work when I notice they are both having yellow leaves with black spots and the leaves are coming off. this something I can fix?

They are blooming very nice though. I wanted to plant them tomorrow I was hoping to take a nice picture of them when I had them planted but if you need to see the problem, I can post a picture here.




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I changed the title of this discussion so it is more descriptive. Hopefully someone will spot it and give you an answer.

Good luck!


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That is what they call 'black spot'.
IF I remember correctly, it is a fungal infection caused by too much moisture.
Remove the effected leaves and they should do fine if planted somewhere that isn't too damp.
Might have to dust them with a fungicide as well. But plant them first and see what happens.

I don't think it will actually kill the roses.
I have fought the problem on-and-off for years with some of mine. It hasn't killed them, but has stunted their growth a bit.
Some varieties are much more susceptible than others.

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Once they get the disease it will ALWAYS be there. Just spray it eith some fungicide and remove all the infected leaves and they should be fine.

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I have a rose plant with the exact same problem. I've tried fungicides, insecticides, removing infected leaves, but the problem still persists. It still puts out new buds that bloom, but the leaves are an eyesore. Could it be because I have a miniature hybrid tea rose? I've heard these roses are very prone to disease.

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Some people recommend spraying the leaves with milk which I tried and it seems as good as any thing else
Remove all the yellow leaves and put in the bin not compost

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