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Love roses but can't get them to grow

hi, I new and I have attempted to grow roses. I planned on giving up on this crazy notion until I found this web site. the roses transplant well and grow and flower in the first year. After a grueling winter (mulch around the plant for winterprotection) some will start to come back and then die after a few leaves come others will die with no regrowth. I live in zone 2a-2b and the roses have not been out in the open but rather they have been planted in raised beds along side the house on the west side.
I love roses but am beginning to think that valentines day is the only time I will see the flowers. Any help?
I have tried straw as a mulch being sure not to put it close to the plant but rather at the base and then piled high so the snow will catch and cover them.
Leaves as a mulch did not work so well. mold and fungs was the end result. This side of the house gets alot of snow cover but in the spring it is one of the first places to be exposed.
Some help would be much appreciated, maybe and then try again. Otherwise they are rather expensive perenials.


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Hello Tammy,

Bravo for your courage and efforts.

First of all, I have no idea what species you have as roses. As Canada is generally colder in climate with heavier and longer winter, you should make some researches in getting roses that are hardy to cold and snow. This will increase the chances of survival.

Normally, roses are very hardy plant that can easily live much longer than human, if you know how they behave and their needs. As for your case, the straw mulch is certainly not enough. Next winter, try to prune your rose and cover the entire plant by loose soil. The straw mulch might be too "airy' that provides little cold protection to your roses.

Always remember to stop fertilizing your roses after the second flash of your reflowering roses. This will provide the rose more time to be harden and prepared for winter.

If a rose is fragile to cold and hash weather, it can be a result of the way you water your plant too. Try to give your roses deep watering, once or twice a week, rather than give some moisture frequently. This will force them to stretch their root deep down to search for water and cool soil, and prevent them from being effected by drought and cold.

Keep your good work up Tammy, and feel free to come back from any of your questions again.


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Thank you for your reply. My apologies for taking time to get back to you. Our zone is listed by some as 2b and others by 3. I try to pick plants that are hardy to our zone. I like the tea roses and the miniture ones as well.
My flower beds are raised. Some a foot (30cm)that is where they were planted. The other 6" (15cm)
I just made a ground level flowerbed and in it grows lots of lillies (many varities). I was thinking of there for my next rose venture. Only there is no shelter.

Thanks again,


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Hi Tammy,

Pixie always has great advice about roses but she lives in France where her hardiness zone is 8. With your cold zone you will need to select roses that can withstand the cold winters. The Canadian Explorer series can survive the cold. This site tells how to winterize your roses and also has info on roses for colder zones.

Here's some named roses for zone 3.


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