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any roses for part shade?

Hi! I was hoping to do a low growing shrub along our property line with the neighbors and noticed someone nearby has done something similar with rose bushes. I suppose they are mini roses of some sort (shrub roses??) because they appear to be only about 2ft high, but they were blooming literally all summer last year. They were beautiful! I would like to do this but the area I wanted to plant in looks to have a decent amt of shade throughout the day. I thought there were some knockout roses that are pretty new and tolerate shade, is this right? Would you suggest any roses for an area that's not in full sun?

Also, please tell me about mini shrub roses vs hybrid teas. Do they grow like knockouts, with little fungus/insect problems? Do all of these attract bees? What are your thoughts? I only have experience with hybrid teas. Thanks!

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Yeah, the knockout roses are reputed to be pretty shade tolerant, though they will be smaller and less floriferous the shadier it is.

I have a miniature rose bush on my deck where it gets morning sun, but is pretty shady after 2 ish in the afternoon. It is thriving there and yes very easy care, little problems with diseases or pests, blooms all summer and well in to fall. I have not noticed bees showing any interest in the flowers though.

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