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Blackspot and problems last year, seeing them again!

I had blackspot and a number of pests on my roses last year, and unfortunately, didn't take care of them as I should have since I had a baby and found myself with little time. I sprayed when I noticed the blackspot with some sort of fungicide after trying some more natural remedy I read of online, pulled off all the leaves at end of the season, raked, etc. I noticed that my leaves already have some of it still there this year. I just sprayed again, and hope to stay on top of it more this season, but is there anything else I should be doing?

Also, I seem to always have cane borers and last year got so many I had to cut back several canes way down to the ground. Now some of my roses look pathetic with only 1 or 2 main canes. My question is, did I need to cut the canes back that much? I did the pruning at the end of the season, late fall. Should I be spraying something on the roses in the winter, some kind of "dormant spray" to protect against pests and diseases? And will the canes grow back?? I read about rubbing the bud union with a knife, but I fear this will damage the rose. I don't know if I should replace the roses, or wait and see if they revive themselves.

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As for the Blackspot...that will be an ongoing problem that have to treat and prevent. Especially if you are like me In living in a hot humid location. Florida is the worlds worst for blck spot it seems. You can spend a fortune on treatment or you can mix two tables spoons of baking soda with a gallon of water and soak it down thoroughly. Make sure it is dripping! Get the under side of the leaves, the canes, the soil around it...everywhere. BS is airborne and will continue to grow and travel until you kill it. It will spread from bush to bush and through tools so always wash them with antibacterial soap.

As for the cane boarers I'm not sure. Maybe an average insecticide? I will let someone else address that.

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