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First Rose Bush - Ontario

I bought a house in the fall of 2010 that had a rose bush in the front. I have only lived in apartments until now and know nothing about plants! I live in Eastern Ontario with harsh old winters. I did nothing to it when I moved in as I never even thought of plant care! I didn't prune it or winterize it last fall.

This past spring, I googled then pruned it all way down except I left one branch that looked healthier. The whole bush grew really well with many new branches and it bloomed from June until late October - it was beautiful!

However I realize that may be somewhat fluke and I would like to take proper care of it. I have no idea what kind of rose bush it is....maybe heirlooms? Can I upload a picture off my computer to here and maybe you can tell me what they are?

Should I do anything to them this fall or for the winter?

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Since there are so many varieties of roses around, feel free to also look around on your own. A nice website out there is It has a capability for searching the name of rose if you give it one search parameters such a bloom color, name of the variety, etc. Members of the service can use even more advanced search capabilities. But for now, try going here

You can also contact members of the Greater Toronto Rose and Garden Society here:

They are affiliated with the Canadian Rose Society ( and are members of the New York District of the American Rose Society (


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Here's another searchable database of roses:

To post pictures here, they first have to be hosted on-line at some photo hosting site like Detailed instructions for this are in New To Helpful Gardener? under Helpful Tips and Suggestions for New Members.

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