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Mini Rose Loosing leaves and buds

This is my second attempt at growing a mini rose. The first time I kept forgetting to water it. I was told that Mini roses love water so I have been watering this one more often. But now the rose is still dieing. Most of the rose buds have fallen off, a lot of leaves are turning yellow and falling off. I put a food stick in from the dollar store, plus I have moved it into the window. I have not re-potted it as I was told that it can cause problems for the rose. I have lowered how many times I am watering it. I am now waiting for the soil on top to dry out before watering again. What do I need to do? I cant put the rose outside as of yet cause it is still a bit too cold out.

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You should water the rose when the soil feels dry or almost dry to the touch. Insert a finger into the soil to see it feels dry, moist or wet. Then water only if it feels dry or almost dry. Watering too much (wet soil) causes root rot & bud failure, promotes black spot and causes soil too many nutrients to leech out thru the drainage hole. It can also cause the leaves to look chlorotic. Black spot causes dark spots on the leaves; the rest of the leaf then turns yellow and finally falls to the ground. The leaves should then be thrown in the trash so you do not spread the fungal spores.

Make sure the pot has a working drainage hole and do not fertilize a rose that is stressed; let it absorb nutrients from the soil by itself as it needs them. Maybe add some weak fertilizers like liquid seaweed or liquid fish. If your average date of last frost has been reached, you can plant it outisde. Make sure the roots are not growing in circles around the pot; if they are, cut them vertically about every 1" (2.5cm).

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Couple more points --

- You still might need to provide supplemental light.

- Check for spider mites. They are my worst enemy in too early spring when I still can't put them outside, the house is dried out from the heat, etc. And when I'm starting to let down my guard thinking it's almost spring... They made it :roll: If there are any webbing, that's a sure fire sign and bad infestation. If the leaves are losing color with microscopic nwhite spots on the surface, or turn the leaves over and look for tiny reddish specks.

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