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Substaining my bareroots til planting.

:?: I received by order of 11 bareroot roses today. These roses were not cold stored. Iam in zone 6 PA., and I will not plant for the next week or 2 depending on the weather. My question is how should I keep these roses til then, for now, I have misted their roots with water and iam keeping them in the shipping box in my kitchen. I cannot put them in the garage or the deck storage because they are not heated. Please advise.

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I just usually pot my roses. Then cover them I put them on my deck until I could plant them, hope this helps. :D

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You could just heal them in temporarily until you're ready to plant into the final location. Heal them into your garden somewhere by digging a trench large enough to accomodate all your roses and lay them into the trench on an angle, then cover with soil. The soil needs to be kept moist, and they should be well covered, leaving only enough evidence so you know where they are when you're ready to plant. I have kept fall ordered bare root plants this way until the following spring and they are just fine.

The pot suggestion is good too. But, if you put them into a pot, then they should be well rooted when you plant them, otherwise, they are still essentially just bare root. You don't want to keep bare root roses in a warm location. You don't want them to freeze, but they should be kept in a very cool location. JMO. Good Luck!

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The roots will not grow if exposed to air so temporarily potting them (to keep them moist) is fine. Once you can plant them, do so. An unheated garage will work if the temps do not get below freezing in the garage.

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