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Growing Roses inside

Ive seen a few small potted rose bushes, and I was wondering what the success rate for indoor growth is. Would it be a lost cause, or is it plausible? Any tips?

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Not that I have ever tried, but it sounds difficult. Roses are a full sun plant, requiring at least 6 hrs a day of direct sun. This is difficult to provide indoors, but possible to simulate somewhat with a good lighting set up. But it would have to be supplemental lighting, not just a window.

Then roses require some period of cold dormancy. They might make it through one winter of being kept warm and not allowed to go dormant, but by the second one the plant would likely be exhausted and die. So they would have to spend at least a couple months in some unheated space (like a garage), being allowed to be dormant.

Those are the biggest requirements, after that they need a lot of water and a lot of feeding, good drainage, good air circulation.....

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I have never seen one of the "indoor" miniature roses go for more than a few seasons. Lack of hardening off or dormancy from a cooler period seems an integral part of their make-up.

I think it probably CAN be done, but only after killing a few to find out what NOT to do. I have never tried myself.


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Mine usually die after 2 or 3 years from a scale infestation...
Since I just chop off the affected branches, and don't spray or treat them, I guess that's no surprise... (I provide light & water, other than that they're on their own).

So if you're going to try, make sure you keep an eye out for bugs ;)

I keep telling myself the next one won't be neglected, but until I'm given another one, there's no way to know :P

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I've tried many times to keep miniature roses as house plants. I've had no success. (They do great for me outdoors, though. ;) )

At present, I don't have a means to provide supplemental lighting, so that's more than likely a big part of why mini roses don't thrive for me indoors. I also agree that they cannot survive for extended periods unless allowed to go dormant during cool weather.

Another thing I've discovered about mini roses is that they can't survive long in those tiny little pots. I have the best luck if I immediately repot them into 10" pots. Of course, they grow to a significantly larger size when you do that. My mini roses usually top out at around 12" to 15" tall and equally as wide.

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Dormancy is no issue, I keep an american pitcher plant. Providing that I can prune them and trim their roots, I'll attempt to keep them small. Lighting is also not really and issue, It would be fine to set them under a lamp for a few hours each night (all my apartment's lighting is fluorescent).

Think it can be done?

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