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Graham Thomas in a pot

I have a Graham Thomas in a pot - this is its third spring. I have pruned it each year in July. The first year it produced 5 blooms in October, the second year it produced 3 blooms in October, this year - none. It has never flowered at any other time of the year. I have fertilised and added sheep poo periodically. The bush itself is healthy although small. (My friends graham thomas which was bought at the same time and planted in the ground is about 2 metres tall and has numerous buds). My questions are - is it possible to keep this rose in a pot? and should I be pruning it annually? Any tips?
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I don't have a lot of rose experience, and not container roses, but in terms of general container plants, do you also prune the roots? How large is the container? The plant might be root bound. I think you need to look at your situation in terms of Bonsai (not necessarily flat bonsai pots but small restricted root growth) if your friend's shrub is that big. Obviously, it would need extraordinary care.

I think miniature roses up to maybe floribundas are more suited to containers.

Graham Thomas is a David Austin rose isn't it? Yellow flowers? It's not terribly important, but I used to peruse rose catalogs so I was curious....

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