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Carnations or roses?

Would you rather receive carnations or roses? The roses die in a couple of days. Carnations are all different colors and last a week to two weeks. Carnations are cheaper and last a lot longer!!!

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Well, the dozen red roses I received for my birthday earlier this year lasted a lot longer than two days!

Carnations are nice but it depends on the occasion.


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I'd want roses. The roses my DH has ever bought for me have always lasted almost a week. And sometimes this past summer, I would cut a few blooms off my bush to enjoy on the kitchen table in a bowl of water. Those also lasted about a week after cutting them too.

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Isn't this a bit like saying "I prefer apples over oranges."?

It's down to personal preference. I have no particular yearning for carnations. But bring me a bouquet of roses any time - I will surely swoon. Bring me orchids, and I am in seventh heaven.

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Cactus Joe,

It sure is.


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