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Mold both black also large yellow on roses

Am new to this forum, my name is Cher and I'm from the Woodlawn area of Mass New Englad USA. This is where Chelsea, Everett and Revere meet; we are fairly cloe to the ocean. On my property the soil changes from one arera to another and with the depth you dig, very much. SOme is excellent loam, some is clay...and so n.
We've had roses since before I was bron. Unfortunately my Dad in trying to rid the place of weeds (duh) removed almost all the plants, most of them gems heirlooms from many yrs ago that had stuck it thru time and time again...I tried to get some back but no luck.
Anyway I've got soem roses resistant to mildew etc. We al lknow about how that goes. These are riddled more than the older roses that have been here for yers; makes senes. I try to keep it organic. I am multiply handicapped and currently very from inhalation of mold spores from my bedroom ac; I am unable to go out to the garden except for a fwe seconds whennot hot and sunny or humid....When dry days come maybe I'll get out there. What can I ues to git rid of this darnmod that come back yer after year although I cut them down to the ground after spraying them with fungicide repeatedly but lightly and carefullly as my yard is a haven for animals birds and butterfiles and so on. I have birds myself and a dog. I suffer from asthma and allergies so must be careful what I use.
It justs seems after yeears I am aboutt redy to give up and kill them myelf and put heaven knows what there. It's my last resort. I do not want these beautiful roses tainted when they grow in year after year. I don't remembe their name but they were to be peach colored but I know theyy are pink. they are cert resistant but they sure are susceptible. Neer fails.
More than likely I do not need to cut them to the ground every year if not for the fungi.. Same for the climbing roses which caught it from the others...mold spreads. I am haviivng a time of it on fruit trees but wil ltake that to thee fruit tree forum and see what they are doing for fungus there.
Any hints (ther eare many kindso f roses here and I don't know what they are). Cher
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