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Planting roses on their own roots

I am planting about 30 Old Garden Roses. I have not planted these kinds of roses before. They have multiple branches coming from the ground and tend to spread. What is the general rule for spacing with these roses?

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Marlingardener that link is just a "This domain for sale" site. Sorry you either typed it wrong or something. no online catalog there.

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The spacing varies a little by the type of OGR. In general, Bourbons, Hybrid Perpetuals, Portlands, Mosses, and Gallicas are 3-5' tall bushes and are planted, like Hybrid Teas, about 3 foot apart. Species roses and hybrids, rugosa's hybrids, and some albas (like Maiden's Blush and Fantin Latour) get larger and should be planted on 5-6 foot centers. It's best to simply look up every rose you're planting in a reference like Peter Beale's Classic Roses and then plant based on the size.

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