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Recieved some mail order roses - now what?

I just recieved 2 rose bushes from Heirloom roses.com and they came in a small box. My garden that I am planning to plant them in won't be ready for about two weeks and I was going to plant these new small bushes in a 5 gallon buck of Miracle Grow Garden soil and water them with a rose plant food mixture. Will this keep them healthy for two weeks until I can plant them in the garden where they will reside for a few years? I need a quick response since I have to go away for a few days over the Memorial Day weekend.


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I had a similar dilemma with a new bed I was preparing and some bare root roses I ordered. I planted each in five gallon buckets, using a mixture of soil from the bed and composted cow manure. They did nicely for several weeks. I just planted them yesterday.
Also since you will be gone for several days, don't put the containers on concrete or in the full sun. They will get too hot and dry out while you are gone. Try to do as little disturbance to the root system when planting in the buckets and then transplanting.
As I am also from the Cleveland area, I offer another suggestion before transplanting to your bed. Amend, amend, amend the soil with plenty of organic material. Our clay is a killer.

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I cannot agree more about amending your soil.
I purchased a relatively inexpensive soil tester at Home Depot.
I added compost, manure, etc...to get the pH level friendly for roses.
It might save you some headaches later on.

I simply filled a plastic cup with soil, add enough water to make mud, stick your tester in & in about 5-10 minutes, it gives you pH & other levels. Make sure the mud mixture os clear of pepples, rocks, sticks, etc...so as to avoid a false reading.

Good luck with your roses!


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