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Selecting roses for the Arkansas Mississippi River area

Hello there. I need some advice about which roses to grow.
I'll soon be moving to the Memphis area, Arkansas side. I'll have a big sunny yard with nothing in it and I'd like to grow some roses amoung other things. I've grown roses in the past but I haven't had any luck with them in northwest Arkansas. I believe its because of the repeted warming and freezing cycle from mid January to the end of March. After the third try at putting out leaf buds only to have them freeze off the roses either died or were so weak they developed serious disease problems despite spraying. The varities I tried to grow were Angel Face and Scentsational.
When I lived in Virginia I grew Fair Bianca, Mr. Lincon, Queen Elizabeth and Purple Tiger. All of them thrived and it was easy to keep the black spot in check with biweekly spraying.

I hope someone here can tell me of varities that will do well in the Memphis area. Especially roses that are resistant to black spot and won't try to bud up at the first sign of warm weather.
My gardening tends to be of the "Plants you can't kill with a stick" kind but I love roses so will give them some pampering.
Thank You

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Hi Sculptormatt,

Here's what the Memphis Rose Society recommends.

Good luck in your new home!! And leave that "stick" behind! Lots of compost and compost tea and you should be fine.


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