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slowly dieing rose bush

Hi, let me introduce my self first...my name is Michael, I don't know anything really about care for roses and I'm in Omaha NE.

I bought my house about 5years ago and at that time there was very large prolific old rose bush. it stood about 6' tall and was about 4' wide with several large branches. Since then I've not really done anything with it...alittle bit of scots "rose food" watering when it doesn't rain much...occasionlly cutting blossoms off. and cutting back to the next fork any dead branches. I've never done anything to winterize it(only found out that people do that this spring...). It is now maybe 2' tall with only 3 or 4 branches. I haven't done anything to it this year and over the winter it seems the 2 tall branches that were there last year are dead.


All the dead branches are from this year I haven't done a thing with it...since it seems that whatever I'm doing is not helping.

What am I doing wrong, or not doing that is killing this rose?

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