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Is it too late to transplant roses?

We are relandscaping our yard to make it more kid friendly (I have 14 month old twins). Right now it is 3/4 flower beds and barely any place for the kids to play. Anway, I have two rose bushes that I want to move. I have absolutely no idea how to do this. I really don't want to kill them off as I love roses.

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Depending upon how hot it is already where you are, yes. If it's still a little chill at night, go ahead and move them. If it's as hot where you are as it is here in GA, I would wait until Fall.

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Hiya Guys,

Please allow me to share my experience with you all.

I understand how it is like to make decision like this. Summer is pressing close, and kids are desperate to be outdoor and parents want to enjoy the precious moments to capture every happiness they can from their kids childhood.

Kissygoose, if you really wish to transplant your rose bush, make sure you consider the below

1) try to have the maximum roots intact as much as possible. This will allow the rose to adapt to their new location. When you dig out the plant, do not pull the root system. If there is a need to short the roots, you can cut the fine ones off.

2) Dig the hole deep and big enough. To allow good drainage.

3)Put the plant into the hole during the early evening when the sun no longer post a threat to shock the rose. The idea is to let plenty of time for the rose to adjust itself without being shock by the heat and transplanting.

4)To assist the newly transplanted rose to keep cool and moist, I suggest that you lay a layer of pine sheddings (to keep the soil moist and cool). This step makes a lot of different for the transplant to be sucessful.

5)Water regularly and abundantly after transplanting and about 5 litre at least every alternate day for at least the first week.

6)Do not add any fertilizer to the newly transplanted rose, except bone meal)

Hope it helps.

Good luck Kissgoose.


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