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Rose Trellises-where to buy?

HI.. I have 3 Rosa Blazes and 4-5 Clematis... I have one of those Master Mark Trellises that can be attached to the front of the porch-we got it from old neighbors when they moved. I am not thrilled about the look of it, but have NO idea what else I can do to support my climbers in style... AND, I only have one, but need at least two more to put up on the porch, and cannot find them anywhere...

Can anyone help? What do you use to support climbers on the front of the porch? I'm open to all and any suggestions :) THanks!

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Lowe's and HD carry wood trellises. I have purchase iron trellises from an organic-minded local store. The wood trellises are ok for clematis but you may need iron trellises for some roses.

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