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In shock, or normal?

I know it isn't just ME because I see everyone else's roses doing the same thing. They put out beautiful full growth, explode with blooms during the mid-Spring, and now they have no blooms and not really enough leaves, either.

I bought a George Burns during that pretty bloom explosion, now as the blooms faded I've trimmed the bush and it's about half the size it was. Fought back the black spot from all the rain we've been having. It's been fed with bone and blood meal, the leaves all look good now. Just no new growth. He's still in his pot and I planned for him to stay in it until this fall when I have the rosebed in. I didn't plan on bringing any roses home until fall - but this was the only George Burns they had and I wanted him :lol:

Anything more I should do? Or just see if he recovers in the next few weeks?

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