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Could anyone inform me where you can get a rose with the colours orange and white in the petal.

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Wow! Tough request! Pink and white or red and white are WAY more common. I did a bunch of looking and I only found one rose that looks to me truly orange and white striped petals:

Lifelines -- Climbing Miniature, 5' -6'Beautiful orange stripes on a white background. Blooms-semi-double and measure 2" across You can see a picture of it here

( You have to scroll down to find the right one)

A few others that come close

George Burns - Yellow and cream background striped with red and pink.

Oranges 'N' Lemonsâ„¢ - Strikingly variegated bright orange with yellow stripes.

Earthquake is a mini climbing rose Double red and yellow striped flowers

Tropical Sunset orange and yellow stripes

As to where to buy these roses, you are on your own!

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