The lower leaf sets turn yellow and brown and are falling

I live in Phoenix. Temp is around 110 and I had to install garden umbrellas to give releif so my new growth would not burn to a crisp. My question is why are all lower leaf sets turning yellow and brown and crispy, and falling off the plants? Their soil is kept at field capacity (watered every 8 hours by drip system). Also, all the blooms have turned to singles. I only have tea's and florabundas, no singles. Please help!

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Hi PWilson,
Sounds like your rose has been pruned so that only the rootstock is growing and the graft that was the rose you bought/wanted is gone.


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Your probably not used to fungal issues with the desert climate, but I suspect those wet soil conditions are causing black spot (endemic in nursery raised roses) to become active. You might try to cut the watering schedule down a wee bit and see if that helps; it could very well just be overwatering. Try that first and see if it helps...


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