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can my roses be revived?

When we purcharsed our home 4yrs ago it had several beautiful rose bushes along the side and behind our house. Well, needless to say, neither my husband or I have a green thumb and unfortunatly they have gone neglected. Is there anything I can do to save them or are they doomed and should they be pulled up?
In the past, my inlaws have been around to help take care of the gardens, they seem to enjoy it...but have not had the time to come this year to tend to our poor gardens.

I am embarassed and hate how they look, but wonder if they are too much for us and if we should just part w/ them?

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What is going on with them, the shape they are in? Are they overgrown, undergrown, weeds, soil condition? Can you post some pics?

Roses are not difficult to care for really. And they give back so much in return. :D

Oh, and where you are located is important for the purpose of knowing the weather. What zone you are in or city, state...

Looking forward to hearing and seeing more about your roses to help you decide what you should do. :wink:

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pictures would help, if they are not too far gone the roots should still be alive, give them water when ever there dry, maybe put some compost there
any organic food from cooking, if you have geese, chickens, when you clean
there coop cage pen take the cleanings to the roses that should help.

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