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Rose ID

I am planning on planting a rose garden next bare-root season and I saw this rose and I want one. Does anyone have any ideas on what it might be?

[img][/img] [img][/img]

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ask the owner

Why not knock on the door and ask the person who owns it what it is. Along with finding out, you might even make a new friend! :)

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Unfortunately it's at a lumber company, not a home. I asked the guys inside but they didn't have much knowledge or interest in the roses, I think they probably hired somebody to do the landscaping and that person may be the only one who knows :?

I was looking around at some rose lists and 'Bonfire Night' looked similar, but I can't tell from the few pics I saw if those flowers fade to red like they do on the bush I want.

Can anybody tell from the pics what kind of rose it is? I know enough to know that it's not a Tea, Miniature, Climber, or Rugosa. I'm guessing it's probably a Floribunda but I'm really not sure.

Thanks again!
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might it be Joseph's Coat or Pinata :?:

I am probably wrong, because I have only been browsing roses on the internet since 2 days ago
and those two have colors similar to your pictures.

This complete rose beginner have now learned that
there are more roses than I ever imagined to exist in this world.......... :shock: and many of them look soooooooo similar!

haha, just wait until I actually get some and try to take care of them


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There are thousands of different names of roses. I'm no expert either but from the pic it appears as those may be a type of Iceberg Rose. Iceberg Roses are more for visual than cutting.

Ask the lumber yard owner who their Landscaper or Gardener is...?

When I'm in the market for a Rose bush, I visit my local nursery. Not the big box stores. At the nursery, you will find a good selection of the roses that will grow well in your area. And, of course, the personnel are always so knowledgeable. Toward the end of the bare root season, they tend to have discounts on the inventory. :D
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