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Black spot resistant roses

Does anybody know of any roses that have a good record of resistance to black spot?

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Re: Black spot resistant roses

tjsker wrote:Does anybody know of any roses that have a good record of resistance to black spot?

All the Knock Out cultivars are excellent for disease resistance. I also have one called Lady Elsie May that is absolutely outstanding for disease resistance, and has a very similar flower type as Knock Out, but in coral pink.

For the combination of disease resistance, cold hardiness, and GREAT fragrance, rosa rugosa can't be beat either.

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I'm quite sure that although some roses are more suited to some areas than others, and some roses are generally more resistant than others, weather and climate have a huge roll to play. We have had a very dry summer, for us.Consequently, although there is a bit of black spot around on the most-prone roses, it hasn't got at all out of hand even though I have only sprayed once all year.However mildew, which I have never seen on any of my roses before, is definitely making an appearance, I'm sure as a result of lack of humidity and plants being water-stressed.However, as it is late in the season and not too severe, I'm just ignoring it.I'm not totally against spraying, although I do try to minimize it. I realize that if I want to grow roses and European perennials in an area that nature designed to be covered in evergreen native forest, there will be issues.I just try to tread lightly, rather than stomp on mother nature's toes....

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tjsker: I have a lot of roses here in Chicago, and it was blackspot central last summer (I do not spray). Some roses, however, never seem to get BS for me: the Knock Outs, Clair Matin, Pearl Drift, Lyda Rose, Laguna, Pomonella, and a wonderful little rose that has some species rose in its genes: Pretty Lady. It is a stunning rose and I can't say enough good things about it. Helpmefind would tell you where to find it.

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black spot resistant

Sunsprite is a good yellow rose that is resistant to blackspot.
Oklahoma is dark red thats also resistant.

Hope tht helps

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I have an "OLD BLUSH" china rose that seems to be highly resistant. For black spot problems, I have used baking soda/water mixture and spray on the leafs. Also NEEM oil concentrate mixed to label directions knocks out black spot. These remedys seem top work great old Hybrid tea roses.

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I have had great success with Knock Out, Double Knock Out, Livin' Easy, and Rose Valentine. I live in a hot and humid climinate and have nasty clay soil and they thrive with no or very little blackspot.

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