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Misplaced rose bushes - one leggy and one stunted

I recently moved into an apartment with a neglected garden. Since I didn't live in the apartment in early Spring, I didn't know how much I could do with the rose bushes in terms of pruning and/or relocating. I essentially have three questions.

1. I have some organic Peace of Mind bulb fertilizer 3-8-8. Can I use this fertilizer on the rose bushes or do I have to buy fertilizer specifically for roses?

2. How much can I prune off of the rose bush in the linked photo? It can't even support itself. I tied rope around the fence and bush to support its weight.

3. These rose bushes aren't in the best location. A rose of sharon is crowding out the leggy rose bush and the small one is in a very shady spot. Is it possible to transplant these bushes to a more optimal location? If so, when could I do it?

Picture of small rose bush (I think?) -

Pictures of neglected garden -

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Please read the advice which rainbowgardener and I posted in this thread

re. the rose situation.

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Thanks for the advice.

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That first one that you labeled climber -- looks like a climber to me... not that I know roses all that well. How long does a rose cane have to grow to be designated a climber anyway?

If the rose canes are close enough to the fence, I would put eye bolts in the fence and tie/train the canes to the fence in a pleasing way. Keeping the individual canes spread apart will help prevent fungus issues too.

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