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Confused about inherited rose plant

I moved into my house in the fall of 2008. There is one rose plant and I am not sure if I am treating it right. First of all, it is about 7 feet tall. It's pretty much a trunk (oh about 1-1.5" thick) for the first 4 or so feet, then the shoots start, and the lowest rose is probably a good 5' up the plant. It just doesn't look right to me. So, today, I went and pruned off the shoots that had roses on them last year, and I also pruned some additional branches and shoots. Did I do wrong? I am new to gardening. I'd love to make this plant look really healthy and have dozens of blossoms. :P

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It sounds as if you've "inherited" a tree rose. Please look at the first photo in this layout for a terrific shot of a tree rose:


I like the Organic Rose Care website, and not just for its photos. There is very helpful advice, and all of it in an encouraging "tone of voice."

Good luck with your rose.

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